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How to Focus in Class Even Though Your Mind Is Wandering to the Purple-Clad Member of the Wiggles


Oh no! You're desperately trying to focus in your Legal Studies 101 class, but your mind is wandering to the purple-clad member of The Wiggles Jeff, instead. Here's how to regain your focus so you can learn about law and social values instead of thinking about Jeff's cool hairstyle.

Erase the Bloomers show from your memory.

If you are an interesting, funny person with good taste. You probably attended the Bloomers show, and you probably saw their hilarious Wiggles-themed parody of Bohemian Rhapsody. While this parody simply seems like a funny sketch you enjoyed one evening, it actually primed you to fixate on Jeff in virtually any setting, especially an academic one. Forget that you attended the Bloomers show in order to remedy the issue.

Forget about your childhood.

While you're at it, go ahead and forget your entire childhood as well. Surely you viewed the programming featuring The Wiggles during your childhood, and it also contributes to the Jeff issue. Though an astrology obsession will rid you of any memories of childhood trauma, forgetting about your entire childhood will be fairly difficult. Allot an appropriate amount of time toward this effort; maybe even skip a Legal Studies 101 class.

Think about your crush instead.

With graduation coming up, this topic is particularly salient. Think about your intense, all-consuming crush instead of Jeff. Never confront them and feel constant dread about it because these are your last few weeks with them. Quickly, a dark cloud of imminent regret will envelop you and taint all of your experiences, including your Legal Studies class, instead of Jeff.