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Girl in Front of You in Class Actually Doing Work so Things Are Probably over with Ben from ZBT


Photo (with edits by Lauren Sorantino) by Lachlan Hardy / CC BY 2.0

Haha, wow! The girl who sits in front of you in class — College junior Eliza Curtain — is actually doing work today, so things are probably over with Ben from ZBT. Up until this point in the semester, she had spent the weekly three hour seminar exclusively texting Ben instead of taking notes.

Eliza's parents Mark and Jane Curtain are completely oblivious and think their daughter is using their $70,000/per year financial sacrifice to research solutions to the refugee crisis.  

Though Curtain is done squandering her class time on texting Ben from ZBT, she still has not dipped her toes into scholarship on immigration and refugees. She is off to a solid start, though, and is taking baby steps toward her final goal.

Today in class, she opened up a Google doc and attempted to take notes:

- ethnic enclaves (google "enclave" later) and the economic success of immigrants
- relates to field trip last week (we had a field trip ???)
- quasi-experimental evidence from last class ???????
- get notes from Sue bc this is so mf confusing

Toward the end of class, she received a text from Daniel from Owls. She spent the rest of class texting him about what time she should go to Smoke's that evening. Could Daniel be the new Ben from ZBT?