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21 Savage Gets Snap Bid from Owls


Photo (with edits by Arman Murphy) by Ralph Arvesen / CC BY 2.0

Grammy-nominated rapper 21 Savage was arrested by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Atlanta early Sunday. ICE claims that 21 Savage is actually a British citizen who came to the United States on a nonimmigrant visa in 2005 and never left.

Upon hearing the news, off-campus fraternity Owls decided to extend Mr. Savage a snap bid to join their organization.

“We’ve always loved 21 Savage’s music, and we were bloody thrilled that he came around for rush,” said Owls president Charles Churchill. “We ended up deciding that he didn’t quite fit our international vibe, but this news changes everything, innit?”

“All of us at Owls are rooting for 21, and we hope this whole ICE rubbish gets sorted out soon. We’re excited for him to accept his bid and start our holistic education process, which involves a lot of eating rotten melons and cantaloupes. It’s all consensual, of course. Hazing is for Yankees.”

Sources close to the rapper report that he was also interested in rushing the Kelly Writers House, another off-campus organization that was kicked off campus after a hazing scandal in October 2017

Neither ICE nor 21 Savage could be reached for comment. Mr. Savage has only one day to accept his bid.