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Great: Now Lindsey Has Yet Another Reason to Talk About Her Time Abroad in France


Photo by Pedro Szekely / CC BY-SA 2.0


When Lindsey went abroad last fall, we all expected the ensuring flurry of pics in front of various locations throughout France. 

The shot with a baguette, and a deliberately suggestive comment about other baguette shaped items. The shot in the Louvre, posing next to a sculpture. The one at the end of her time there with her making a faux-sad face, saying she never wants to leave this “magical place.”

Jesus. ferme ta gueule.

And then, of course, the weekly posts of “wishing I wish in Paris xoxo” and “je t’aime” in front of the other historical sites of France. 

But then it died down, and went back to her usual attention-grabbing ways, posting pictures with her “bitches” and “hoes” getting drunk at brunch, getting drunk at parties, and getting drunk while studying.

But then the tragic burning of Notre Dame happened, and she found her platform again, as the tragic muse of all of the French people. 

At this point, she’s posted a twelve-paragraph essay on why her trip to France was SO IMPORTANT, and how she was SO DEVESTATED, and her life will NEVER BE THE SAME. 

If I see another pic of her posing with her hip out, sunhat tilted at a jaunty angle, with the historic arches of the cathedral in the back, I’m going to go find a cathedral here in the US, and things are going to get a lil’ toasty. 

God. I might donate to the campaign to rebuild to make it faster, since she’s going to be talking about her time abroad until the cows come home. 

I will make one more closing remark, which she will be unable to understand, given the fact that her program was entirely in English, and she refused to converse with anyone in Paris in any other language that is not her native tongue. 

con comme une valise sans poignée, Lindsey.