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OP-ED: Stop Complaining About Your Thesis. Martin Luther Wrote 95, and You Don't Hear Him Bitching


Photo by Wikipedia / CC0

Wow that's so great about your thesis. I'm so glad you finished after like ten months — that must have been so hard. One down, 94 to go!

It's time for you to stop bitching about your thesis. Martin Luther wrote 95 of them and still had the energy, motivation, and balls left over to spearhead the entire Reformation. Best of all, he didn't make it into such a big deal like you did. Instead of forcing his friends to come to a boring and un-relatable presentation, he tacked his shit up to a door and stuck it to the man. Boom, done. No hoopla or celebratory brunches

Also, your thesis didn't even come close to starting a major shift in power from a centralized authority to the masses — not even a 95th of the way there. Hit send, have a glass of water, and move the hell on.