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Pathetic! Jessica Says "Thank You" to Professor Who Just Crushed Her Dreams for 50 Minutes Straight


Photo by Lachlan Hardy / CC BY 2.0

There sat College of Arts and Sciences senior, Jessica Strong in the front row of her Calc II lecture. Equipped with seven different highlighters, a multi-pen, two erasers, and a fleeting hope for success, she scribbled vigorously, but her professor had no mercy.

The professor wrote three triple integrals on the board. “Okay class, what coordinate system should you use for each of these?” Strong struggled to write the integrals down. A poor soul in the back raised their hand. “That is correct, everyone!” said the professor without actually calling on anyone. “Just as I’m sure you all suspected, the correct coordinate system is the south-pole triple spin down. I’m sure you know the rest.” The kid in the back put his hand down.

“Now class, turn to chapter 19 of your textbook. I haven’t assigned it yet, but if you flip through the pages and get a good inhale the math book smell, you should be able to get the gist. Please complete the first two problems for that chapter and have them on my desk by the end of lecture. That will be, 1a-1f, plus 2a-2zzz. Now, to begin today's class...”

After 53 minutes of mathematical torture and slow deterioration of note-taking quality, sources say that Strong packed her things quietly. She turned to her professor just before leaving. With a smile on her face, she said, ”Thank you!” and proceeded to walk home more stressed than ever.