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Here Are 5 Puddles You Can Splash Around in Instead of Paying for Pool Party This Fling

Photos by the Daily Pennsylvanian

Pool Party, a $70 affair that happens every fling, is just around the corner. Whether you are among the many that couldn’t snatch a ticket or you came to the brave and shocking conclusion that $70 was simply too much to pay for a pool party without swimming, we have the solution for you. 

Bamboo bar, shamboo bar. These five puddles, perfect for splashing, are a phenomenal alternative that will not break the bank! 

Puddle 1: 

puddle 1.jpeg

If you are looking for a more low-key affair, this is the perfect puddle for you. You’re free to splash around here and there, but you can also have tons of fun on the side! It's conveniently located outside of McLleland, allowing you to take a dip and then hit the dining hall immediately after! Talk about a bargain! 

Puddle 2: 

puddle 2.jpeg

This is a special puddle because it’s a package deal with the little piece of garbage floating around inside of it; a two-for-one special, if you will. What it lacks in size it makes up for in mysterious items inside of it, only adding to the excitement. 

Puddle 3: 

puddle 3.jpeg

If you’re looking to get a little messy this fling, come on down to this puddle. The mud is perfect those who hope to get down and dirty. The plants on the side only add to the ambiance. Grab a few cold ones, and now you've got yourself a beer garden! 

Puddle 4: 

puddle 4.jpeg

This puddle is for the craziest of partiers. He’s a big dog. Enter at your own risk, as this party is bound to get out of control. It would come as a surprise to few if the Penn Police shut this fiesta down within minutes. 

Puddle 5:

puddle 5.jpeg

Last, but certainly not least, be sure to make a stop at Penn’s most famous and biggest puddle, the Biopond! The mystery of not knowing the various substances at the bottom of it will make for a truly exciting time.

You know what they say...April showers save you $70. Happy splashing and happy fling!