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The Real Magic Gardens Tickets Are the Friendships We Made Along the Way


Photo from Max Pixel / CC0

Do you wanna know the true secret about how to get Magic Gardens tickets? Well here it is: you don’t buy the tickets — you've had the tickets inside you the whole time. That’s right. The real Magic Gardens ticket was friendship all along. 

Castle isn’t really hosting an event, they just want to bring us closer together as a school. That’s why they sent us on an impossible quest to get “tickets,” because they know we’d have to work together and meet so many new people along the way. 

I’ll never forget the relationships I’ve formed on this journey. Complaining to whomever would listen after missing out on the first round, haggling in the Facebook group after missing the second, and finally just getting desperate and asking random people on the street if they were looking to sell theirs. These friendships will last me a lifetime. 

So, I salute you Castle. Thank you for making this student body more of a community and this campus truly a home. If you did happen to get a physical ticket though, I would still be very interested in buying it off you.