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Student Spotlight: Short Sleeve Button-Down Shirt Guy


Photo by Jacob Stone

Floral print, anchors — heck, even tiny little American flags: this guy’s got ‘em all. It’s officially springtime, so you know he’s busting out his wardrobe full of short sleeve button-down shirts. Everyone’s seen this guy. Here’s everything you need to know about him in case you couldn’t tell it all from a five-second glance:

  • He’s a freshman.
  • He is not athletic.
  • He plays guitar, poorly.
  • He is from either New England or California.
  • He’s a political science major.
  • He wasn’t cool in high school and thought he would be cooler in college, but, if anything, is less cool.
  • He started smoking weed in October and now it is one of his defining characteristics.
  • He takes beer pong too seriously and isn’t even that good at it.
  • He is a brand new fan of Philadelphia sports teams. 

That's really all there really is to this person. Despite the interesting pattern on his shirt, on the inside he is a fairly basic guy.