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What in Tarnation? This Student from the South Doesn't Even Have a Country Accent


Photo by leasqueaky / CC BY-ND 2.0

Hold your horses! Patsy Ennis (C ‘22) may be from Texas, but by the way she's formin' her words, she might as well be from Maine.

Yes, you heard me right. Despite her origins in America’s South, Ennis speaks the Queen’s English flawlessly.

“She’s from Texas? I had no idea,” her roommate told UTB. “Wait, but where’s her lasso? And her little leather boots?”

“Once people find out where I’m from, they never look at me the same,” Ennis said, with no hint of drawl. “No, I don’t know how to wrangle cattle and, no, I won’t yeehaw for you!”

As it turns out, Ennis leads a pretty normal college life. She doesn’t practice shooting tin cans with a .22, but she does enjoy yoga and biking. You won't see her riding a horse around campus; she prefers Uber.

Due to the fact she acts like a complete northerner, Ennis's lifestyle has been criticized by people on the other end of the geographical spectrum.

“She’s too big for her gosh-darn britches!” Oklahoma native Pauline Barnett (C ‘22) declared with a tip of her 10-gallon hat. “I reckon there’s no hide nor hair of country in that gussied up yankee.”