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Intellectual Sisters! Penn to Offer One-Time Summer Course on the James Charles/Tati Beef


Photo by Ted Eytan / CC BY-SA 2.0

Have you ever cared about James Charles before? Have you ever even heard of Tati Westbrook? No? Then boy have I go news for you! Turns out, they are celebrities! Believe it or not, they have power to abuse and vitamins to sell. Better yet, fate would have it that you, a person who previously didn't care or know about the relationship between these two people, you are the perfect person to evaluate their personal drama and judge their decisions!

In this one-time-only summer course, intellectual sisters (or just plain intellectuals, if you stan Tati) will explore their interests in "hot goss" (and yes, that's the industry standard terminology). Lectures will be spent crafting timelines of events, searching for receipts, and evaluating the substance of not one, but two 40 minute YouTube videos. The class will be taught by none other than your super hip TA from intro political science! He promises this class will prepare you for a future career in politics. 

Be honest with yourself, you're going to get so invested that you do all the research by yourself anyways, so why not get credit for it? It's not too late, so sign up today!