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Residential Services Tries to Sublet Entire Quad for Summer

Photo (with edits) by Carson Kahoe / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Summer Sublet: Literally the whole Quad



Looking to sublet a spacious, castle-like structure with definitely, at least, some bedrooms from late May — very early August. 


  •  Completely furnished (unless other people have swapped the furniture) 
  •  High tech security that prevents you from peeing without a Penn Card 
  •  WiFi (when you stand on the bed with your laptop exactly 3.6 cm from the wall) 
  •  Some of the walls are green, if that’s your color 
  •  Carpets that match the Rec. room in your uncle’s house from 1989.  
  •  Consistent furry companionship 

DM if you’re interested or have any questions