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BREAKING: Republican Congressman Claims "Hot Girl Summer" to Blame for Recent Heat Wave, Not Climate Change


Photo by Phuket@photographer.net / CC by 2.0

Various nations around the globe have seen record-breaking temperatures over the past few weeks. From a scorching 108 degrees in Paris to a balmy 91 in Manhattan, the planet sure is cooking. 

While some may say this is because of "science" and "climate change," various conservative congressmen have different ideas. Congressman Mike Rogers of the Alabama 3rd commented on the matter during the US House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis. 

"I'm having trouble grasping what y'all refer to as 'rising temperatures due to C02 emissions' when the issue is clearly stemming from this 'Hot Girl Summer' situation," Rogers claimed.

Hot Girl Summer, a movement inspired by rapper Megan Thee Stallion, has inspired women world-wide to reclaim their confidence and self worth in Summer 2019. 

"The result of Ms. Stallion's movement has been absolutely electric. These women are literally setting the planet on fire with their confidence. Is this really a fire we want to put out?" Rogers asked of the committee. 

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has declined to comment.