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In-N-Out Is Not Replacing Frontera but How Cool Would It Be If It Was?


Photo by Luke Chen and Yolanda Chen and George Capalbo / CC BY 2.0, edits by Arman Murphy

Credit: Arman Murphy

Ever since the administration announced that Frontera is moving to 34th and Sansom, the student body has been wondering what could be replacing it. On Tuesday, the university finally revealed the answer: an In-N-Out.

Ok, In-N-Out isn't replacing Frontera, but imagine how sweet it would be if it was.

Imagine if we could pop in to ARCH and grab a delicious cheeseburger on our way to class. Maybe an Animal-Style 4-by-4 if we're feeling hungry, or a protein-style grilled cheese for the calorie-conscious. God, imagine if we could get a $2 chocolate milkshake right in the middle of campus. Definitely would've made my cross-campus trek to my 9 a.m. sociology recitation in Jaffe freshman year less excruciating.

I know what you're thinking: there aren't any In-N-Outs in Pennsylvania, or even east of the Mississippi! To that I say: I know, and it kinda complicates this whole fantasy of mine. But doesn't Penn have a lot of rich alums? Don't we have a huge endowment and generally a lot of clout? Am I even allowed to use the word clout in what is nominally a news article? 

Penn has an obligation to leverage these resources and make this happen by any means necessary. This is the administration's chance to prove that they seriously care about students' wellness. I don't care if it costs billions—it's not like we're using our endowment for anything else

Of course, nothing will replace Frontera until it finishes closing, which it hasn't yet. Rumor has it that it never will.