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Inspirational: Man Hikes Across Entire Eastern Seaboard to Pick Up &pizza Order


Photo by George Hodan / CC0

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a succulent &pizza. This summer, we saw college freshman Harry Perales put this fact to the test as he began his hike across the eastern seaboard in search of that decadent, somewhat-hipster-but-not-quite pizza pie.

Perales, an avid advocate for pizza of the ampersand variety, knew something was wrong the moment he stepped off his flight and returned to his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.

“It only took a few hours for the cravings to really set in,” Perales recounted, a pained look on his face. “I knew I needed a Farmer’s Daughter in my belly, ASAP.”

And so, bidding farewell to his loved ones and disappearing over the horizon, Perales set out on his epic journey to reclaim his savory dinner of choice from the University City retail location we all know and love.

“Walking from Kings Court to &pizza everyday was no problem,” Perales explained. “What’s another 800 or so miles?”

Ten days of nonstop trudging later, Perales finally reached his ultimate goal. The heralded salty prize was his.

Bloodied and fatigued, he entered the fluorescent lit establishment and finally picked up his burnt, cold, day-old, moldy, misshapen, poorly sliced, and overpriced pizza abomination.

“Hey, at least the box looks cool,” Perales said with a smirk. “I love Joy Division!”