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Shameful: The Cats Trailer Doesn't Do Enough for Furry Representation in Hollywood


Photo by Lawrence Parry / CC BY-SA 2.0

Many of those in the furry community were thrilled to learn that the flagship furry stage musical Cats was being made into a major motion picture. With artistic contributions from big names like Andrew Lloyd Webber, T.S. Elliot, Andy Blankenbuehler, and Tom Hooper, the community was thrilled… until they saw the cast. 

Once again, characters whose identities are obviously and critically furry are being portrayed by non-furry actors. Jason Derulo? Non-furry. Taylor Swift? Non-furry. Idris Elba? Debatable. While there is hope for the future, Cats appears that it will fall short in supporting the historically disadvantaged furry community, and seems more interested in exploiting its struggles rather than celebrating its culture.