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This Freshman Vomits from Drinking All the Time and That’s Very Cool and Not Concerning


Photo by Magic Robot / CC BY 2.0

College is a time for trying new things and finding out what you love. For Freshman Mike Tannenbaum, his new college hobby has become drinking until he vomits — at least once a week. According to Tannenbaum's friends, they think it’s so fine and cool he has something he’s passionate about and are happy for him and not concerned.

Tannenbaum found out about this activity through a friend during NSO but got hooked because of undiagnosed social anxiety. Tannenbaum also noted that he is just a huge fan of the taste of whisky. 

"Not as much when it's coming back up though haha," reported Tannenbaum before downing three shots at 5pm on a Wednesday.

John Peters, Tannenbaum's closest friend at Penn, noted in an interview with UTB that, “drinking is fun, and Mike just likes to go hard at parties. He’s not a pussy.” He also added that, “I know Mike. I would know if this was a problem.”

"Ya, literally I'm fine," noted Tannenbaum. "Im in college. This is awesome! I feel awesome."