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Cool! Girl Next to me Staring at Her Phone Even Though We Both Know Damn Well There's No Service on This Elevator


Photo by Bark / CC BY 2.0

If you’ve ever been in one of the high rises, you know there’s no service on the elevators. In addition to there being no service on this particular elevator, there are also no other people. Sources say it’s just me and this bitch. She’s literally looking at the home screen. What — am I not cool enough for you? 

She finally looks up and says, “Oh, can you hit floor 17 for me?” nyeehh can youuhit flohrseventeeen forme??? Who says that. Stupid. Sad. 

“This is me…have a good night!” Yeah, you better get off. You would. Nerd. 

Oh shit, wait that was my stop too—