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Strap in Folks: Kelsey Needs to Tell You About the Dream She had Last Night


Photo from Pixabay/Pixabay License 

My dream was so crazy last night, I need to tell you about it. No don’t worry it’ll be super fast — it was just so crazy. So I was walking in the supermarket, and I thought saw my first grade teacher. I tried to yell "Mr. Monroe! Mr. Monroe!" But he didn’t answer. Instead he turned around, and it was our family friend who lives in Toledo who’s never been to our supermarket! 

So anyway — no don’t leave I promise it was just so so weird — so my family friend was there, and then Kate was there and so was Steve, and you! Yeah you were there too! 

So then out of nowhere, I wasn’t in the grocery store, and I was in one of my old bunks at camp. It was so weird though, because you were with me and we were about to play capture the flag. 

But your arm was broken so I said we should get you some chocolate milk right away, but the gas station was out. Then we had to go to Hershey Park to get some, but all of the brown cows were on vacation in Vegas.

Oh wait, yeah, so before all of the arm and camp stuff, I was sitting in the waiting room at a doctor’s office I hadn’t been to before. But all of the other people in the room were just the old cast members from iCarly, but they were all grown up which was weird. Freddie had a beard and stuff.  

And then I woke up. So yeah, pretty wild huh?