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Male Professor Talks About Sports


Photo by Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung / CC BY-SA 2.0

Biology professor Gary Reed’s students were pleasantly surprised when he interrupted his own lecture on cell division to complain about the outcome of the previous night’s Phillies game. A well-respected scientist discussing an everyday topic relevant to all students — all students meaning roughly 20% of the lecture hall.

The five-minute conversation consisted of Reed playfully arguing with the four male students in the front row while the rest of the class watched.

“It was really cool to talk about sports in a lecture,” said College sophomore Bradley Conner. “I thought Dr. Reed would go on about cells and stuff for the full 50 minutes, but I’m glad he got the whole class involved in a more fun topic for a bit.”

Reed defended his tangent by comparing sports to biology, saying that “they’re both about, uh, cause and effect…and someone wins, like in evolution, I guess.”