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Penn Reveals "Gregory West" Just a Storage Container in the C '25 Alleyway


Photo by JeepersMedia / CC BY 2.0

After a considerable donation from the twin brothers Alan and Luke Gregory-West, Amy Gutmann finally announced plans for their namesake college house earlier this week. The house is set to be finished two weeks ago, as it is simply a storage container in the Class of 25 alleyway, possibly leftover from move-in.

UTB took a tour of the single-room college house this past weekend, where we were able to speak with building designer and former Penn Engineering student, Peter Taylor. During the tour, Taylor said he designed the building with his time at Penn in mind.

“College houses these days are too flashy,” said Taylor in a bath robe, clearly living out of the storage container. “They have so much extra community space, but for what? Going outside my room? I don’t think so.” The inside of the monumental new structure was prison-esque, with mousetraps abound and no air conditioning: an apparent continuation of the historic Gregory College House style.