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&pizza Has a New Box Design, and I’ll Admit it: I’m Excited


Photo (with edits) by Adam First / Daily Pennsylvanian

New year new me, am I right everyone? Just look at the local trend setters at &pizza, who decided to take their box game to a whole new level. 

Look at this beauty that our eyes are blessed to have the right to gaze upon. Sure, the old one was also black and white. And the one before that. But hey! Brand recognition is important. 

I for one am glad that they really took their time and tried out 35 different box designs before landing on this vintage receipt of the early days of rectangular pizza eating. You know, the kind Gatbsy used to do at his parties. 

&pizza’s level 10 expert specialty pizza box design team took two research trips to the coolest place they could think of in order to perfect this box design: the &pizza headquarters. Greg, the HR intern, thought the box looked good, and off it went to printing!

Check out this beautiful design while you can, because there'll probably be another version of the same thing in like two days. Sadly, no improvements have been made in the transportation field of &pizza box design, because there’s still no way to look cool while carrying one.