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OP-ED: Hey Remember Me? I’m Your Dad’s Business Friend’s Son! We Should Have Lunch Sometime!


Photo by Philippe Put / CC BY 2.0

Hey, how are you how’ve you been? I’m not sure the best way to say this, but like so what’s been going on the past ten years? 

I’ve been good, I guess, yeah high school was good and now here’s also been good so far. My dad emailed your dad that I was coming here, and he said I should text you. My dad said that business seems good. I think he said the deal went through with Derek, Dan and Will. Anyway anyway, enough about our dads. 

You still a model train guy? Oh no that was just when you were six ah ok got it. That was pretty fun though that one time we ran the trains around our dads’ office until the intern got upset. 

I’m so glad we caught up! And I’ll definitely see you at the Christmas party this year – we’ll have to see if they give all of the kids a company tote bag again that was so useful.