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Meet Stan, the Sophomore Determined to Photobomb Every Date Night Picture


Photos (with edits) from Pexels / CC0; Araza123 / CC by 2.0; Araza123 / CC by 2.0; University of Washington 

When people say don’t be “that guy,” the guy that they are referring to is Stan. When your high school guidance counselor said to be well-rounded with lots of interests so you weren't one dimensional, they were making a subtle reference to Stan. Stan is pursuing one goal, and that goal is to exist in every photo that will ever be taken at any date night

STAN 3.png

Because of the intensity to complete his mission, Stan is typically not invited to partake in the pictures. Stan has resorted to attempting to be photographed without the knowledge of those at the subject of the capture. Stan has cited the fictional character Waldo as one of his role models in the field, being able to sneak into images without a single sign of detection. 

Stan’s determination has led to the fact that photobombing just date night pictures is no longer enough. Here he is at the Maclay family reunion last September. 

STAN 2.png

Stan wants to do better than just pictures being taken now. Stan needs to exist in every single photo ever taken, even those that have been printed for years. Lucky for Stan, his time machine concept has proven to be a success. Check him out at from Spring 1964 Kappa Alpha Delta pool party.

STAN 4.png

Maybe Stan should take a photography class such as VLST 260 to learn more about the field of photos to get better at being in them. Unfortunately, Stan still isn’t sure what a camera is, and at this point is too afraid to ask.