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Big Turn On: This Guy Showed Me a Clip of His High School Touchdown on Our First Date


Photo (with edits) by GoranH / CC0 and Jill Carlson / CC BY 2.0

Swoon! It’s cuffing season ladies and gentlemen, and certain people around campus have really been rising to the occasion. After conducting interviews with several hopefuls looking for love/convenience this fall, we identified one person who had the strongest romance intuition.

We spoke to Bridget Rosen (C '21) about her experience with what she has described as the man of her temporary fantasies. Johnathan Gremler (E '20) had asked Rosen out after getting her number from a mutual friend. For their first date, they went to one of the most romantic spots on campus: Subway. After some great small talk over sandwiches, Gremler brought out his big move.

“I subtly brought football into the conversation by interrupting Bridget’s story about her community service and announcing that I played football in high school,” Gremler said. When Rosen had expressed some polite interest in this revelation, Gremler took her adept social skills to be an invitation to talk about his high school football career in more detail. Eventually, he brought up the infamous touchdown of 2014. Gremler was just a sophomore at the time, but he’d already made the varsity team. Rogerson High School had been down 20-24 in the fourth quarter against their rivals, Ridgeport High School, with just 12 seconds on the clock. The team had the ball at its own 30-yard line, and prospects were grim. That’s when Coach Matt told the team to play a hail mary like they’d practiced. Gremler, a wide receiver, knew that this could be the moment that would change his life forever. After the snap, he just started sprinting up the left side of the field. When he saw the quarterback lob a long throw toward him, he knew everything was going to line up perfectly. He avoided three defenders, caught the ball, and ran it into the end zone for a touchdown just as the last second on the clock elapsed.

After describing the play in vivid detail, Gremler suddenly realized that he still had the video of the touchdown that his high school girlfriend had taken way back when. To Rosen’s delight, Gremler invited her over to watch the video of the entire fourth quarter on his computer, even stopping to point out key parts of the game.

“I was just smitten,” Rosen told us of the date. “No guy has ever shown me a video of him playing football five years ago before. And let me tell you, it was hot!”