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So Do We Just Steal from Mark's Cafe Now?


Photo by the Daily Pennsylvanian

I mean like…I thought stealing is bad but…is this what they want us to do? Was this the design plan? It really seems like Penn is just begging us to steal their food and coffee now. And look I mean...if Penn is so insistent... I guess I can take a few things off their hands. The first time I went to the new Mark's I didn’t even realize there was a cash register. Even now that I see it, I’m just confused; is it there for the aesthetic? Are they reminding us that we could pay if we wanted to? Why in the world would I not just grab my Sushi and Red Bull and walk away?

I get that there’s a “security guard” there now, but does that change the situation? If anything, I bet she wants me to steal — could you imagine how mad you’d be at Penn if you got stuck on “sit in a chair and watch the fridges” duty, that’s even worse than checking the backpacks at Van Pelt. I saw someone grab an Iced Tea, walk away without paying, and literally say goodbye to the security guard on the way out. There are no rules!

I mean do they really expect Penn students to operate on the honor system? Do they even know us? People steal from Wawa for sport, and at least there some resistance there. Compared to that, Mark’s is a piece of cake, or a muffin, or a dry brittle scone, really just whatever terrible pastry I can get out of that fridge.