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4 Unlined Notebooks That Say "Transcendentalism"


Photo by Desiree Grace Tan /  CC BY-NC 4.0 

Ah, academia! As the new school year dawns, honor theory and demonstrate your intellectual supremacy by freeing yourself from the confines of linear thought.

Moleskine 4.5x6.9" Classic Plain Notebook: If a Staples one-subject college ruled spiral is the academic plebe's bread and butter, this is the scholar's brioche and cultured vegan margarine

Sketchbook: This spiral-bound beauty is great for distancing yourself from the restrictions of linear reasoning. Pick it up at the Penn Bookstore and say you had it left over from the design class you dropped while studying abroad in Barthelona. You had to focus on absorbing the culture! 

A ream of acid-free archival grade photo printing paper: If lines shouldn't hold back your wily, inquisitive spirit, why should a binding? An added benefit is being the first one to offer up a piece of paper for your classmate during pop quizzes, emphasizing your readiness to collaborate in the stimulating modern-day salon that is the University of Pennsylvania.

Clay tablet: Ancient Mesopotamians had the "write" idea! If you're serious about demonstrating your commitment to ethnographic analysis in ECON 001, break out your reed stylus and participate in a rich tradition of hubris and condescension.

Honorable mention - memorizing everything: Is language itself not a system for compressing our multifaceted scholarly ideas into representational shells?