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Amy and Her Friends 'Just Went to New York' over Fall Break


Photo by Mark Hougaard Jensen / CC BY-SA 2.0

With fall break now behind us, students have had the past week to readjust to life at Penn. While some might have jetted off to exotic locales, Amy Gu (C ‘23) and her friends kept things simple with an excursion to the big city. 

Knowing absolutely no one in New York, Amy and her uneasy group of NSO friends decided that a day-trip would be an amazing idea. There is truly nothing better than spending 12 hours stuck with people that probably won’t be your friends in a month. Shortly after stepping foot off of the Megabus, the group realized that there was no set itinerary for the trip because they had all agreed to “just figure it out when we get there.”

They proceeded to stumble around the city for a few hours, aimlessly walking with no set destination in mind. Eventually, James Eddison (W ‘23) got kinda tired so the group decided to take a break and pose for some pictures in the one and only Times Square. After taking a particularly fire photo in front of a garish M&M billboard, Amy decided that she had found a new profile pic for Facebook. 

After another few hours and a couple of slices of famous New York pizza later, the group ended up in Chinatown for a BYO. Copious amounts of alcohol were consumed, secrets were spilled, tears were shed, and friendships ended. What are they gonna do now about their Halloween group custom?!