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Bloomers Show Fails to Pass the Bechdel Test


Photo by Garett Nelson / The Daily Pennsylvanian

After an anonymous Facebook tip about the contents of the Bloomers Comedy show, Under the Button made a trip out to Iron Gate Theater to see exactly what it was all about and if Bloomers was anything like its cross-dressing counterpart The Mask and Wig Club. Sure enough, the show was full of women touting cropped wigs and oversized blazers, because that is what frat boys wear. 

That's all good and well, but, despite an all-female cast, the Bloomers show failed to pass the Bechdel Test. Even though every actress on stage was a woman, every skit was centered around a man, his penis, and how that penis potentially might be shrunken down to nothing.

"Wait, the Bloomers Show was written by women?" An audience member responded to our reporter. "Thank god Allison Bechdel was not in the audience!"

However, Allison Bechdel was indeed in the audience. "They mentioned that one of the female characters was gay, so Bloomers is all good in my book," Bechdel commented. "But the real question is, what do they have against Kappa Sig?"