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Accidentally Called Your Teacher Mom? Now She Gets To Spank You


Photo by Miroslavik/ Pixabay License 

We’ve all been there. You’re sitting in class a little zoned out and you have to ask the teacher something. Without even realizing, you make a classic mistake and accidentally call your teacher mom. Sure, it’s a little embarrassing, but the rest of the class will laugh it off shortly and you just gotta laugh along with them. It’s not a big deal really, after all, It’s just an innocent mistake.

It’s still a mistake though. And mistakes need to be punished. You’ve been a bad boy, and now it’s time for someone to discipline you. By calling your teacher mom you’ve enrolled in a new power dynamic, and now she’s gonna spank you in front of this whole class. Walk to the front of the room and get ready for your punishment. Your peers will never look at you the same. 

You asked for this after all. Who’s your mommy