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Top 5 Cool Philly Bars to Pretend You’ve Been to


Photo by David Mark / CC0

Everyone knows you just have to leave campus once in a while. If you don’t, you can’t condescendingly tell others which of Philly’s hip new bars you’ve "visited." But leaving campus takes time and energy, so what if you just lied? Here are five Philly bars you can name drop to let others know you’re not like other Penn kids.


1. Bär

Bär has a great vibe. Located in a converted bar, this place has it all: beer, wine. Sometimes people. But that doesn't really matter because you're not going to go. 


2. The Bar

If you're looking for a place to drink, The Bar is an option. It's kind of far from campus though, so you're better off just lying. 


3. The Bar II: Club

Did someone in your econ lecture mention West & Down? Well, you actually went downtown last night, so be sure to let them know it. But don't try to come up with too many details because you're making this whole thing up.


4. Barn

Barn's impressive craft beer selection means this place is overpriced. That doesn't really matter, of course, because you won't buy drinks if you never go. What you can do, though, is one-up Kelsey after she tells you about her crazy night at smokes.

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Photo by Ethan Wu / The Daily Pennsylvanian

5. Smokes

Yeah, no one actually cares that you went bar hopping.