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Fall Win! Boy Who Wears the Same Hoodie Every Day Can 'Finally Start Dressing'


Photo by Liza / CC BY 2.0

This just in: Now that fall is officially upon us, that guy who wears the same Adidas hoodie every day can “finally start dressing.”

Our reporters have learned that Mario Bevitore (E ‘20), famous for wearing a gray hoodie every day of the week, will now be making “major fashion moves” on campus. Exactly what these style changes will entail is currently unclear, but Penn students everywhere will surely be waiting with bated breath.

Bevitore has been spotted browsing online fashion retailers in class and observing aloud that certain finds were “totally [his] style” and that he couldn’t wait to create some “nice fits.” When he thought that no one was looking, he was also seen scrolling through the hoodie section of the Adidas website.