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Kind of Weird: Freshman Already Knows He Wants to Be a Urologist


Photo (with edits) by pxhere / CC0; Wikimedia Commons / CC0

Is this a little weird? Last Thursday night, in a discussion about plans for the future among his hall, Perry Yates (C ’23) of Dayton, Ohio confidently declared that he was pursuing a career in urology. Other students expressed interest in finance or social work, but Yates seemed to be dead set on urology. Hm. Kind of weird.

It’s perfectly normal to be interested in medicine at this point. But a specific field in medicine? And the one about the male reproductive system? I don’t know about that—let’s take a step back, buddy; consider the other options.

You could be a pediatrician. Kids are great! Or a cardiologist? Look, I just think it’s a little early to attach yourself to dick science.

It's probably best not to get into the specific reasons you like urology—oh, it's because you took a career-aptitude test and it told you to be a urologist? That's even weirder. Why can't you just be a consultant or go into public service like the other kids?