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Penn Chemistry Encourages Students to Nap Elsewhere by Cancelling Classes


Photo by the Daily Pennsylvanian

In an attempt to cut costs, Penn will be dissolving all undergraduate classes offered by Penn Chemistry and replacing the courses with Khan Academy. Current and incoming Penn students will no longer be required to take chemistry courses. Despite the removal of chemistry courses, Penn will still require students who need chemistry credit for their majors to fulfill the chemistry requirements. Thus, Penn will require credit-seeking students to take a cumulative chemistry credit exam at the end of each semester. To aid students in preparation for the test, the Penn Chemistry website now redirects to Khan Academy

“We just felt that there wasn’t enough interest in these courses,” said Penn Chemistry Professor Antonine Levoissier, “By ending the undergraduate program, we hope that we can encourage students to nap in their dorms instead of in the Chemistry lecture hall.”

Student reaction of the removal of chemistry classes has been mixed. 

“I don’t really mind that much,” said College sophomore Niel Borr, “I was already watching 5 hours worth of Khan Academy a week anyway. Besides, I enjoy Sal’s voice much more anyway.”

However, other students were much less indifferent.

“I’m so pissed” said College freshman Snora Lacks, “I looked forward to my nap in chemistry class everyday. Now I have to find another place that has the same soothing white noise as chemistry terms.”

Despite the dissolution of undergraduate chemistry classes, Penn tuition will continue to rise.