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Penn Museum to Rebrand Itself as 'Interesting'


Photo from The Daily Pennsylvanian | Courtesy of Penn Museum.

In an article earlier this month, the Daily Pennsylvanian reported that the renowned Penn Museum was “rebrand[ing] itself as a ‘gift to the city’ after recent renovations.” Upon further investigation, UTB staff found that, along with its new "gift to the city" status, the Penn Museum is also to rebrand itself as “interesting,” and “worth the really far walk to it.” 

Julian Siggers, Director of the Museum, sat down with our staff to explain some of the motivations behind the rebranding efforts. “Ultimately, our hope is that, when we ask students about the museum, they can say something other than ‘what’s the Penn Museum,’ or ‘why would I ever go to that dumb museum?’” 

Siggers also described his dreams for the new exhibits at the center of the rebranding initiative. “Ideally, the museum will be a destination for students and Philadelphia residents that sparks intellectual curiosity to explore who we are and where we come from. We want it to be cool, and, also, it would be great if it is also ultimately interesting.”

College sophomore Chris Morales gave us his thoughts on the museum’s initiative. “Yeah, it would be sick if the museum was cool. It would also rock if it was interesting.” Upon being asked if he would attend the museum after making these changes, he said “I mean, maybe. It’s still kinda far though.”