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OP-ED: Phew at Least We’re Showing up Late Together


Photos (with edits) by Free Images / CC BY 2.0

Oh hey! Are you also heading over to class now? Sweet me too. I was worried I was going to be late, but you’re here too. So now it’s like I’m not late, because we’ll be walking in at the same time. 

I was going to be so embarrassed walking into lecture, especially since the door is right next to the professor’s podium. But now? Psh, I’m cool as a cucumber. I’ve got an entourage with me now, and everyone knows you can’t be upset at a person with an entourage

Father Time has an appreciation for mutual comradery, so that’s why he’ll grant us an exception and reverse the sands of time in order for our hour of arrival to now be socially acceptable. 

Now if only there were a way for the universe to magically make these coffee cups in our hands disappear.