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Professor Riding High of Student's Polite Chuckle All Day


Photo by Universidade de Brasília / CC BY 2.0

Professor Jonathan Filson of the Philosophy Department has been riding the euphoric high of receiving a polite chuckle from his students all last Thursday after making what has been described as “a pretty relatable quip” about the semantics of a posteriori statements in modal logic. The joke was met with measured and seemingly forced laughter from the group of disengaged students, which obviously left Professor Filson fairly ecstatic.

Filson could be seen strutting around campus with a self-satisfied grin, offering to re-tell the joke to anyone who made eye contact with him. “It’s just great to be appreciated, you know? You don’t get this kind of comedy gold every day,” Filson commented. “Should I try stand-up? No, right? Maybe I should…”

Sam Kahoe (C ’21) witnessed the alleged joke and had the following to say: “I didn’t get it.”