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Bethany Bought String Lights and Miniature Clothespins, Forgot to Buy Pictures of Her with Her Friends


Photo by Eleanor Stalick

Goddamn! Bethany, an engineering Freshman, is so good at interior design that she decided to put up string lights on the wall of her otherwise barren dorm room so she could hang up pictures of her friends with tiny clothespins. “CIS 120 is my first engineering class, but I think if I don’t get an A I’ll just change my major to interior design," Bethany said. "I’m not sure if we have that major at Penn, but neither are you, right? If I told my parents confidently enough, they would think that was totally a major at Penn.” 

Unfortunately for Bethany, she remembered to pick up string lights and the tiny clothespins, but forgot to buy pictures of her with her friends.

“Yeah, actually I didn’t forget, I just went to Walgreens or whatever and asked the lady if I could have 100 photos printed of me and some friends, and she was like ‘Okay sure. Just give me the USB with the pictures or whatever.’ and I was like? No? You don’t understand, I don’t have the pictures I just want to buy some? She clearly didn’t understand that I have like two friends, and they wouldn’t even take pictures with me if I paid them. It was so awkward for her.”