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Student Event Photographer in Custody of the IRS

Photo by Elizabeth Beugg / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Evan Du (W ‘21) was taken into custody by the IRS this past Tuesday. Du was arrested in the middle of FIJI’s fall date night on three felony counts of tax evasion, with over 10,000 dollars in unpaid taxes. 

Du made a name for himself as Penn’s go-to event photographer. Greek organizations on and off campus flocked to Du for his signature aesthetic — high contrast photos that make everyone look exceptionally tan. 

Du has been a mainstay at formals and date nights since his freshman year. What began as a hobby to support his Louie Louie happy hour habit quickly turned into much more. Du found himself booked four or more days each week. With his services in high demand, his humble beginnings birthed a dynasty. 

Sources have reported Du’s annual income as an event photographer to be upwards of 90,000 dollars. Liam Dello (E ‘21), a close friend of Du’s, said, in reality, it could be much, much more. “Evan would never tell anyone how much he’s really making. Why do you think he’s about to go down for tax evasion? He’s hiding something,” Dello said. “He started calling his consulting job at BCG his side hustle. That’s when I knew he was in too deep.” 

Dello explained Du’s concerning relationship with money. “He slept on a pile of cash. He developed back problems, obviously, but wouldn’t see a chiropractor because he could find a deal on Groupon. His health insurance would have covered it either way.” Dello was not Du’s only friend to have noticed this strange behavior. “He offered me a baby carrot and then venmoed me for it a minute later,” said Lily Derry (C ‘20).

If convicted, Du could face years in prison. “I will miss Evan,” said Aaron Smith (C ‘22), brother of off-campus fraternity, SNAPES. “He took photos good. Real good.”