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Undergraduate Assembly Continues to Create Noticeable, Positive Change


Photo (with edits) by Kevin83002 / CC0

After a characteristically spirited and highly publicized round of elections this Fall, Undergraduate Assembly is in session for the 2019-2020 school year. Already, the student body has demonstrated its appreciation for and consciousness of the role of a strong, centralized government. As an homage to the powerful and informed voice of the people in our school's democratic republic, UTB took to the streets to ask about the impact UA has had on student life:

Rekha Shoemaker (CAS, '20): "It's been three years and I still can't log onto a computer in Wharton or print a page for free. I don't know if that's UA's job to fix, but I also don't care if I'm wrong. No go ahead, put that in your quote. I don't know what UA does, and I feel no compulsion to find out."

Jaiden Mills (SEAS, '23): "Did elections already pass? I helped my hallmate Alex chalk the whole quad, but it rained the next day and I was kind of pissed that he made me help him for so long, so I put off voting. Do you know if he won?"

Harrison Chen (Wharton, '21): "It is CRUCIAL to the functionality of a large institutional entity such as Penn's student body to have engaged, educated, representatives. I am running for Wharton representative for 2020-2021 Undergraduate Assembly because I believe my vision for improving student life balances idealism for what our school could be with realism about how to make these changes a reality. I have the persistence, grit, and experience to represent Wharton next year, and as I did after losing high school class president to Gerry Netz three years ago, I am beginning my year-long campaign this month. Campaign contributions can be venmoed to @chen4rep42020, and get campaign updates via Twitter and Insta on the same handle.

Arjun Reddy (CAS, '22): "Yeah Class Board is the best!! They gave me a free T-shirt."