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Win! Senior Psych Major Can Finally Spell Physiological


Photo By CollegeDegrees360 / CC BY-SA 2.0

Connor Doyle (C ‘20) could always spell a lot of words. He could spell big words and small words alike. But ‘physiological’ always evaded him.

Then, while sitting in his PSYC 162 lecture, Doyle perfectly spelled physiological in his notes. No red squiggly line or furious backspacing, nuh-uh. No, today Doyle was that dude.

As Doyle declared his major, he was forced to reconcile with how hard it was to spell the words he needed to know. “It took me until the end of freshman year to spell ‘phobia’ with a p-h and until sophomore year to finally spell ‘psychology’ correctly,” Doyle said. “Don’t even get me started on ‘heuristic’.”

With the ability to now spell physiological at a whim, Doyle is ready to graduate and take his talents to grad school. “All I’m focused on now is tommorow… tomorow? Tomarrow?” Doyle said. “Fuck it – back to square one.”