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Junior Convinced Grader Has Axe to Grind


Photo (with edits) by thelester / CC0 and sandid / CC0

Is he onto something? Last Thursday, Randall Juarez (C ‘22) became convinced his grader had an axe to grind when he received back yet another assignment with a less-than-stellar grade.

“Okay, you’ve got to be kidding. Another F-?” Juarez said dejectedly. “I swear that grader is out to get me or something.”

Juarez’s paper, littered with blood-red X’s, was stone-cold proof that his grader couldn’t wait to get home and rip apart his essay with a smile on their face. There was simply no other explanation for scoring so abysmally. The gigantic “BAD” written across the bottom of the page? Done between self-satisfied sips of piña colada, Juarez figured.

“I can’t believe they failed me just to give me a hard time,” Juarez muttered. “They just see my name and — zoop! Big fat goose egg.”

Juarez, who spends all of his nights speedrunning Minesweeper and watching Netflix until he passes out, knows that he could get a good grade if they would just give him a fighting chance.

“They knew I needed a 98 percent on this assignment to pass the class, and what? They couldn’t even do that for me,” Juarez complained, shaking his head in disbelief. “No wonder this place is going down the drain.”