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OP-ED: DP's Refusal to Endorse Anyone in Boise Mayoral Election Is Unspeakable


Photo by Bill Smith / CC BY 2.0

It’s hard to say what the proper relationship between journalism and the political process should be. The Daily Pennsylvanian has historically been forthright in its vision for the future leaders of this country, endorsing candidates for offices ranging from the city council to the presidency. 

Something has changed. High off of winning the Pacemaker for the third year in a row, the DP has grown arrogant. 

Unthinkably, not a single candidate in Boise’s 2019 mayoral election received an endorsement from our newspaper. This defies reason. Boise, the cultural heart of the northwest, faces dramatic political realignment. Mayoral endorsement by the Daily Pennsylvanian would have gone a long way in shaping the future of this vital region. Instead, our editorial board chose expediency over principles, cowardice over vision.

What did they hope to gain? Did they think that remaining silent would save them from accountability? That our journalistic fame was too important to risk?

It is too late. The eyes of the world will remember what happened in Boise this week and remember our absence. God help us all.