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DP Wins Pacemaker Despite Existence of Under the Button


Photo by the Daily Pennsylvanian

The Daily Pennsylvanian recently received several college journalism accolades. These awards included the prestigious Pacemaker Award, commonly referred to as the “Pulitzer Prize of college journalism." While this achievement would be amazing on its own, it is especially so considering the existence of Under the Button.

Said one Pacemaker judge in an interview, “We judge holistically when reviewing potential award winners. That is, we consider the... hardships.. that newspapers are put through.” Another judge elaborated, “Plenty of the student newspapers we reviewed offer stellar content and top-notch journalism. Needless to say, the presence of Under the Button Dot Com is by far the most immense hardship undergone by any newspaper we have ever seen, student or otherwise. The sheer perseverance of the Daily Pennsylvanian as a whole is astonishing.” The judges we interviewed opted to remain anonymous.

Writers at Under the Button are thrilled to have contributed so meaningfully to the winning of this award. Said one UTB writer, “I can’t wait to write on my resume, ‘Single-handedly won a Pacemaker award for college journalism.’” Said another, “Last week, I wrote an article about insect bestiality! I am just so glad I could help.”