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Yuck! This New Food Truck Tastes Like Cardboard


Photo by Coolcaesar/ CC BY-SA 3.0

I love the food trucks here at Penn. Ever since my freshmen fall when someone told me to check out “that Mexican truck” and I discovered Don Memo’s, I have been hooked. It’s basically my new meal plan: I eat trucks 3 times a day. For breakfast I’m getting my sausage egg and cheese from Lyn’s, for lunch I’m hitting Can Thó City and getting a pork bahn mi, and for dinner I’m going to Hemo’s to guzzle a gallon of pure Hemo’s sauce. 

As a food truck connoisseur, I was incredibly excited when a truck I hadn’t seen before popped up on Spruce. I have to say though, I tried it out and can’t recommend the place. The truck was called “FedEx,” which I assumed to be some version of Tex Mex, but it seems that this name was misleading. First of all, there isn’t even a menu on the truck? This was weird but I thought it could be some new curated experience or something, so I gave it the benefit of the doubt. When I grabbed some food out of the back though I was really disappointed. And look, I think I have a pretty experienced palette — I mean I’ve eaten duck before so I’m pretty worldly — but I have to say I was terribly disappointed. To start, it tastes like cardboard, which could be excusable, but it also looked like cardboard, had the texture of cardboard, smelt like cardboard, and scraped the inside of my mouth like cardboard. If this is some exotic ethnic food that I’ve never heard of, which I’d be surprised by because again I’m so worldly (see the line where I ate duck), I won’t knock it, but either way, it’s not for me.

I will say though, I realized halfway through that it had someone else’s name and address written on it, so I guess it wasn’t my order