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Is She Asking Me out or Just Trying to Convert Me to Christianity


Photo by James Blume / The Daily Pennsylvanian

She tucks her hair behind her ear and laughs. We’ve been studying for a while now, talking between problem sets. Smiling, she puts down her pen on her notebook and moves her eyes to meet mine. “Would you, maybe, like to go to church with me sometime?”  She says. “I think it could be really fun.”

The issue with coming from New Jersey is that I have no experience with Christianity. My high school was made up exclusively of Jews, atheists, and Jewish atheists. So when this girl asked me to go to Church with her, two possibilities went through my head. She was either really into me or viewed me as a sinner in dire need of divine help. To be honest, I don’t know which I prefer.

On one hand, there are some positives in having a smart, pretty girl who wants to start a wholesome relationship. On the other hand, there was something deeply ego-boosting in having someone go full Mother Teresa on me. I don’t think anything about me seems to scream sinner on the path of damnation, but it's quite flattering.  

Personal salvation has never been more tempting.