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BREAKING: Law Students More Persuasive Than Design Students

Photos (with edits by Adam First) by Tommy Kienzle and Katharine Cocherl / The Daily Pennsylvanian

In a shocking turn of events, the University has announced that the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School will retain its short-form name of "Penn Law," due to widespread backlash regarding the change to "Carey Law." In an even more shocking turn of events, it seems as though law students are better at arguing their point of view and achieving the outcome they desire than their classmates across the street at the design school.

“We were completely blindsided… that the law students actually made something happen,” said one design student who asked to remain anonymous. “We figured the administration would never listen to any backlash, but I guess all those yet to be lawyers did their yet to be lawyer thing.”

The campaign to try and keep the name of PennDesign (instead of the Stuart Weitzman School of Design) fought a valiant fight. The subtly passive-aggressive mural was particularly engaging. It symbolized the silence of the student body while highlighting the divide between those in power and those under the rule of the aforementioned power. 

When questioned for comment on the issue, President Gutmann had just one thing on her mind. “Y’all can call it whatever you want,” she told UTB while getting ready to leave her house. “What matters is the building is still being renamed, and I’ve got a ceremony to get to. Building Dedication Bingo is mine!