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Letter from Amy Gutmann: What Is the Netter Center?


Photo by Kylie Cooper / The Daily Pennsylvanian

A Message to the Penn Community


Amy Gutmann, President

I am writing today to ask an important question, one that I'm sure will help me better the Penn community for many years to come. As you know, addressing student feedback is one of our highest priorities for the Penn campus. We have a profound shared responsibility to ensure this institution is one that all students can enjoy. 

For this reason, I am asking you, the students, to inform me, Amy Gutmann, about a new program that Penn has very recently implemented. I am, of course, asking about the Netter Center mindset that has taken over the campus. Students, I hear you. This Netter Center building is important to you. I would love to know why.

What do the folks at the Netter Center do? Who lives there? How many subscribers are there to this belief? How can the University help the Netter Center?

We are grateful to all of you for the extraordinary community that we create together every day at Penn. We know that you will join us in our ongoing efforts to ensure that the Unversity is in touch with student needs.