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New College House West Construction Heats Up: Building Starts to Blush


Photos (with edits) by Adam First / The Daily Pennsylvanian; gyathanarts / Pixabay License 

Sorry tired Rodin residents, those loud late nights next door are just getting started. New College House West construction is starting to really pick up steam, with all of the equipment beginning to fire on all cylinders. 

The real showing of momentum is new to the site, so the building is a little embarrassed by all of the concrete progress. As a result, the future college house has started to blush. 

Those glistening red rick tiles are chemically melted to the frame in a firey exchange of materials. Some workers struggle to hold back the intensity of the construction, so many crews have been required to come in and give the building what it needs to be finished. 

Hey New College House West, is that some new steel? Or are you just excited to see all of your new residents?