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OP-ED: Oh, You’re in a Comedy Group! Boy Do I Have Some Ideas for You!


Photo by Tony Armstrong / CC BY-SA 2.0

Oh hey! Yeah, so nice to meet you. What type of stuff do you do on campus? I’m in Kite and Key. Oh, you’re in a comedy group! That’s so sick. You must be really funny then! Tell me a joke. Haha, just kidding, unless… 

Wait I have some super funny ideas for you! You should do a bit about, like, how gross the high-rises are. Talk about how they’re grosser than POOP! Yeah, that’d be really dirty and would definitely get some laughs. 

Ooh – also, you could say something about silent libraries! They’re so quiet! It’s so random how they’re quiet. What if you wrote something where, like, someone was in a silent library and then they sneezed? Everyone would laugh sooo much at a joke like that. 

You know what’s also really funny sometimes? Penn jokes! Like about how Wharton students and how they love finance lol. That’s good comedy. Why do they love finance so much? Lol yeah, you should definitely write some good bits about that. Or even, jokes about Amy Guttman would be funny. And how she makes a lot of money – that is ripe material for jokes for your comedy group. 

Anyways, so glad I could help! Nice to meet you, too.